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For more posts like these, go visit psych2go
Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.
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Mediterranean Enchanted by Ran BlueLunarRose
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Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me. I am who I am, doing what I came to do, acting upon you like a drug or a chisel to remind you of your me-ness, as I discover you in myself.

— Audre Lorde, Eye to Eye (via ethiopienne)

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there are probably more lost bobby pins than there are people in this world

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If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it.

— Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)

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